Company Presentation

      Changan Automobile has a history that stretches back 154 years.We first entered the automotive industry 33 years ago.Today globally we have 12 production locations and 32 automotive related plants. in Chongqing(China), Beijing(China) , Hefei(China) , Turin(Italy) , Yokohama(Japan) , Birmingham(UK) , and Detroit(USA) to establish a global R&D center. We employ 90,000 people ,and we have produce and sell more than 2.95 million vehicles annually.As one of China’s top four automobile makers and as the number one best-selling Chinese domestic vehicle brand,Changan is the very first Chinese brand to ever produce and sell over one million passenger vehicles in a single year. 

      Chongqing Changan Kuayue Automobile Co.,Ltd is the tenth factory of Changan Automobile(Group)Co.,Ltd which specializes in manufacturing commercial vehicles.established in 1999,the company registered capital is 65.33 million yuan, currently has staff around 1200 people .Company is key leading enterprise in China auto industry, It is Changan brand commercial vehicle production basement. Company production covers Changan commercial vehicles ,minivans and special purpose vehicles.  Meanwhile company undertakes the tasks of manufacturing punch and welding parts of changan micro cars

      Company is awarded the China high technology enterprise, China intellectual property advanced enterprise,  Chongqing technology innovation enterprises . Chongqing technology demonstration enterprises, Chongqing technology property pilot enterprise, Chongqing technology property advanced enterprise, Chongqing automobile and parts export basement, the company was named the top 100 Chongqing enterprises in 2011, the Company was awarded the "outstanding private enterprises in Chongqing" honorary title by Chongqing municipal party committee, municipal government in 2012

      Company has invested nearly 1 billion yuan to build 150,000 production capacity commercial vehicles project, the project was completed and commissioned in Wanzhou in 2011, the manufacturing technology and capacity upgrades which marks the Changan KYC steps into a new period of development. The company owns the Chongqing Municipal level technology Center, owns a strong capability of independent innovation, with more than 300 patents. Company products are exported to more than 50 countries and regions in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa.