Deputy Director Of ChongQing Economic And Information Technology Commission Visit Changan KYC

July 20, 2016, Deputy Director of Chongqing Economic and Information Technology Commission Mrs.Yang Liqiong visit Changan KYC accompanied by Mr. Zeng Bin, Deputy Director of the CMC Wanzhou Economic Development Zone, made an inspection tour. Meanwhile Mr.Chang Han-ming, Kuayue Group Executive Director , Mr. Han Ming ,general manager of Changan KYC, Mr. Ren Hong, Kuayue Group Vice President, and Mr.Lin Guang Hua, Deputy General Manager of Changan KYC, accompanied by research and report on business conditions.


Changan KYC is Unstoppable, Sales Increase Month By Month And Reaches New Highs

Into the traditional period of slack sales, the Changan KYC still continues the strong performance over the first quarter, sales performance breaking history record. April, May and June, respectively, an increase of sales nearly 10%, 20%, 30% from a year earlier, the increasing trend recordhighs at the contrarian Chinese market , drew to a successful conclusion at the first half year in 2016. Changan KYC average increase across nearly 20% in the first half year, won the crown of the mini truck industry. Including KY5 MINI obtains a well-deserved star product by an increase of 67.1% sales from a year earlier.


The Chongqing Municipal Committee, Party Secretary Of Wanzhou District, Mr.wang Xian Gang, Visit KYC

June 20, 2016, Mr.Wang Xian Gang, the Chongqing Municipal Committee, Party Secretary of Wanzhou District visit Changan KYC to inspect and research, accompanied by Wanzhou Mayor Mr. Bai Wen Long , Wanzhou Economic Development Zone Party Working Committee Director Mr.Pu Binbin . Meanwhile Mr. Han Chang-ming , Kuayue Group Executive Director, Mr. Han Ming , General Manager of Changan KYC, Mr. Ren Hong, Kua Yue Group Vice President, Mr. Tang Xing Guo , Executive Vice President of Changan KYC, Mr. Cheng Bin, Deputy General Manager of Changan KYC, Mr. Lin Guang Hua, Deputy General Manager, accompanied by research. Secretary Mr.Wang Xian Gang and his delegation view our production and management at site, actively coordinate and give suggestions to the development of Changan KYC.


Followed The Country "one Belt One Road" Strategy - KYC "ky10 Production Base" Officailly Launching

As an important part of China's "one belt one road" strategy, Pakistan has been supported by China in infrastructure, transportation, electricity and finance in recent years, and the Pakistan economy has entered a period of rapid development. Pakistani government has also introduced anumber of Incentive policies, in the multi-industry to reduce the threshold, increase support, deepen the local enterprises and Chinese-funded enterprises in the local integration, China-Pakistan economic cooperation in Pakistan will usher in a new round of take-off.


Daily Sales Breaking 400 Uints, Changan KYC Unstoppable!

In recent years, thanks to deep plowing in new products, brand, quality and marketing innovation, at the environment in the light vehicle industry of general downturn, Changan KYC is profound knowledge, not only achieved the continuation of the past few year's strong growth momentum, but the momentum is unstoppable at full speed, only the actual sales in March is expected to impact 9,000 units, the month sales over 10,000 units is just around the corner, while an increase is as high as 30%. Changan KYC sales comprehensively gains new record at the first quarter, no doubt fired the first shot of the strides forward in 2016.